Sermons from the Pastor

The following sermon audios (mp3 and wav files) and notes (pdf files) may be downloaded here.  Please contact for CD copies of these or earlier sermons.

Apr 02-03 -  "The Power of Believing!" (mp3, wav, notes)
Apr 09-10 -  "Renewing Our Faith!" (mp3, wav, notes)
Apr 16-17 -  "Singing the Song of Confidence!" (mp3, wav, notes)
Apr 23-24 -  "Let Gratitude Be My Attitude!" (mp3, wav, notes)
Apr 30-May 01 -  "A Quest for a Vision!" (no mp3/wav, notes)

May 07-08 -  "Jochebed:  The Mother of Moses" (mp3, wav, notes)
May 14-15 -  "Christianity is not Magic" - Jake Goff (mp3, wav, no notes)
May 21-22 -  "Considering the Holy Spirit" (mp3, wav, notes)
May 28-29 -  "Memorials of God's Faithfulness" (mp3, wav, notes)

Jun 04-05 -  "Stop Running from God!" (no mp3/wav, notes)
Jun 11-12 -  "Knowing and Doing the Will of God!" (mp3, wav, notes)
Jun 19 -  "Days of Grace & Days of Glory!" (mp3, wav, no notes)
June 25-26 - "Consciously Serving God" (no mp3/wav, notes)

July 02-03 - "The Gospel in a Nutshell" (mp3, wav, notes
July 10 (Sun) - "Living Like Jesus!" (no mp3/wav, notes) 
July 16-17 - "An Unexpected Journey!" (mp3, wav, notes)
July 23-24 - "The Race and the Goal" (mp3, wav, notes
July 23-24 - "How we Move Forward" (mp3, wav, notes

Last update: 07/31/2016