Frequently Asked Questions

What denomination is Sanctuary Fellowship Church?

SFC started in 2004 as a non-denominational church.  From the beginning our practice has been to work with any and all like-minded ministries and mission efforts to share the hope in Jesus Christ.  We are a member of the Central District of the EFCA and involved with Churchnet (a Baptist network serving churches).  Click here for a summary of our Theological persuasions.

Does SFC play hymns or new praise music during worship?

Sanctuary Fellowship celebrates with a variety of music styles varying from week to week.  From the most popular breakthroughs in praise and worship music to the traditional choruses and hymns (often played in a modern context), SFC has many musical influences.  The purpose of our worship is not to play everybody's favorite songs every week, rather we play music that lyrically and melodically brings praise to God.  Our Saturday worship tens to focus more on contemporary music while the Sunday worship is more traditional.

What kind of leadership structure does The Sanctuary have?

The Sanctuary embraces the biblical approach to church leadership.  Our Steering Team consist of the church elders, chosen by a majority vote in the church.  We also have deacons who lead and serve, but they submit to the guidance of the Steering Team.

Last update: 05/07/2014